Who can benefit from our laundry services?

University Students
Busy Moms
Expectant or New Parents
Injured Individuals
Physically Challenged
Elderly or Retired
Extended Stay Residents

Barber Shops
Hair Salons Restaurants
Tanning Salons
Golf Courses
Country Clubs
Retirement Facilities
Clinics / Hospitals
Is a mobile laundry and dry cleaning service that picks up and delivers right to your front door. Here is the alternative to spending hours in a laundromat or the inconvenience of taking your own laundry to a dry cleaner.Let LOTG pamper you with the luxury of not having to leave your home, with it's FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY service.

  • Debary
  • Orange City
  • Sanford
  • Orlando
  • Winter Park
  • Longwood
  • Lake Mary
Laundry On The Go current location in Central Florida
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