How is my laundry done?
An employee will pick up your laundry in the bag that we provide you. Back at the facility your laundry will be sorted into whites, lights and darks.  We will then wash, dry and fold your laundry. Then we will return your laundry to your door smelling clean and neatly folded.

Do I need to separate my clothes?
No.  We will sort your clothes at the facility…giving you more free time. Simply place your laundry in the bags we provide for you, and we will take care of the rest.

Do you charge for the laundry bags?
No.The laundry bags are part of our service and we provide them to all of our regular customers.

What type of laundry products do you use?
We use the same brand names products that you use at home.They will vary from time to time as to the brand however we use dye free and fragrance free detergents.  We use fabric softener in the rinse cycle and in the dryers. There are no additional costs for the bleaches or softeners.

Will you hang my clothes?
Yes.The hangers will need to be provided by the customer. Just let the CSR know when scheduling your service.

How will I know how much my laundry weighs?
We have included a sample weight chart on this website so that you can have an idea of what an average load of laundry weighs.  

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards, cash, personal checks and monthly invoiced accounts.

What if I have a special request for my laundry?
Not a problem, just let the CSR know when you schedule your service or let the delivery driver know when he picks up your laundry.

When will I get my laundry back?
Within a few days you will get your laundry delivered. The CSR scheduling your service will let you know what time your delivery will be. Your convenience is our priority.

What happens if I get my laundry back and something is missing or damaged?
We care for your clothes as if they were our own. We understand that you are entrusting us with your laundry and your trust is very important to us. Your laundry goes directly from your hands into the facility where your laundry is sorted, washed, dried and folded. Should any problem arise you will be compensated for the loss or damage.  

How long does it take for my dry cleaning to come back?
It usually takes a few business days for your dry cleaning to be returned depeneding on your area. 


How do I join LAUNDRY ON THE GO?
It is simple…just contact us at 800-444-LOTG (5684) or email us at and a representative will contact you.  

Do I have to live on the campus to sign up?
No. LAUNDRY ON THE GO is open to all students as well as staff and faculty.  

Why do I have to pay in advance on my semester plan?
We request student plans be paid for in advance for scheduling purposes and it allow us to keep track of your current location. As well as pre-paid plans make it easier for you because you don’t have to worry about paying bills.  Once you start your service, all you need to do is fill your bag each week and drop off and pick up at a pre-determined location each week.

How do I get my laundry bag?
Once you have started your plan, LAUNDRY ON THE GO will provide a bag for you when we drop your clothes off.  The bag is 22” x 28”.  

When do I get my laundry back?
It usually takes a few business days for your laundry to come back. We will contact you to arrange a time for your location.drop off day.

What if I miss a week of service?
Just contact one of our reps at LAUNDRY ON THE GO and we will allow you to extend your service 2 times per semester.

Where do I have my laundry picked up?
When you sign up for your service, the CSR will let you know when and where you will meet the delivery driver each week.  

 When do you offer the service?
You can begin at anytime. If a semester has started, we will pro-rate your plan. LAUNDRY ON THE GO follows the academic calendar and offers services in the spring and fall as well as both summer sessions. Being that we are a student-focused business, we do not normally have services during the major holidays and breaks, such as Spring Break or Fall Break, or where there is less than four days in a week, unless otherwise requested and granted.