LAUNDRY ON THE GO is a valuable and convenient weekly mobile laundry service. We are here to accommodate your schedule and laundry needs. Saving you loads of time is our commitment to you.
After we pick up your laundry our staff will separate your whites, lights and darks. Next they will wash, dry and neatly fold your laundry. In few days we will return your laundry to your's just that simple.
We use only the highest of quality of detergents, softeners and bleaches. If you have a special laundry request discuss it with the CSR when you are scheduling your weekly or biweekly service.
LAUNDRY ON THE GO mobile laundry service is charged the pound at an affordable rate of 1.50 Per Pound.  If you were wondering what an average load of laundry weighs just take a look at the Sample Weight Chart.

                  LAUNDRY ON THE GO services these types of accounts

Laundry that is picked up on Friday is delivered on Monday.

Minimum charge for our service is $30.00.

Method of payment:  Cash, personal check credit cards
or billed monthly.
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1-800-444-LOTG (5684)
Are you wondering "what does an average load of laundry weigh?"
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