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You can begin your service at anytime.  If a semester has started, we will pro-rate your plan.
LAUNDRY ON THE GO follows the academic calendar and offers services in the spring and fall as well as summer sessions.  Being that we are a student-focused business, we do not normally have service during the major holidays and breaks, such as spring break or fall break or where there is less than four academic days in a week unless otherwise requested and granted.
LAUNDRY ON THE GO understands the special needs of the college student.  With the busy lifestyle of the average student between classes, working, studying, networking and the social activities, doing laundry is usually the last thing that you want to think let LAUNDRY ON THE GO take care of the details.

It is as easy as selecting a semester plan from the options below and throwing your laundry in your LAUNDRY ON THE GO bag provided to you by us and each week meeting the delivery driver on your pick up and delivery day in a pre-determined location, usually in front of your residence hall, apartment or student housing location. These plans are at a flat weekly or biweekly rate and are pre-paid.  Your laundry will be wash, dry and folded and returned to you in a few days. How great does that sound?
                   2020-2020 School  Year
           Wash/Dry/Fold Laundry Rates
Fall 2020             15 weeks @ $21 per week                  $450
Spring 2020        
  Weekly Rates                      # of  Weeks                                      Cost
 Biweekly Rates                   # of  Weeks                                       Cost
Fall 2020            8 weeks @ $31 per week                  $280
Spring 2020        8 weeks @ $31 per week                   $310
Entire Year                            
Plans are based on one laundry bag provided to each student. Laundry bag holds approximately 25 lbs.   Laundry will be picked up on Mondays and returned on Thursday, LOTG reserves the right to change times and locations with proper notification to each student enrolled in one of our plans. Students can sign up at any time and the semester will  be pro-rated. sessions available upon request.  It is each student's responsiblilty to get their own laundry bags to our drivers.
Complete the form below and one of our customer care experts will contact you and get you enrolled in one of our convenient plans and give you the free time that you need to focus on your education.



Type of plan requested
Method of payment
Rollins College
16 weeks @ $27 per week

If you have any additional questions just check the FAQ's and if you don't find what you are looking for there...give us a call at (800-444-LOTG(5684) or email us at  Please read the Terms and Conditions.
Entire Year          
31 weeks @ $19 per week                  $700.
15 weeks @ $21 per week                  $450
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